April 25, 2022 2 By Lacy Beaman

BUTT BLEACH 1000 is the answer for the bashful person. The Florida trend for going outside and pointing your booty hole toward the sun is not for everyone. Though not as natural as the sun, this new formulation works a lot like teeth whiting.

When you go, you wipe with this new special formulation! And you save on toilet tissue as you will be re-using the same wash cloth over and over. Butt Bleach kills germs too! No more worrying about your neighbors filming you pointing that fabulous booty hole at the sun.

After only 2 weeks your booty hole should be as white as paper. Giving the look of having never gone before. Benefits include:

  • No filming neighbors
  • No worrying if your legs will go behind your head
  • No more pissing off cops
  • No more Burnt Butt syndrome (AKA red ass)

BUTT BLEACH 1000 is also friendly to the environment. Made with 100% natural bleach and other minerals directly from the earth! It comes from the earth, the earth made it so how can it be bad?! Act now while supplies last. Bleach your booty the private earth safe way.


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