Chop Sabers

Chop Sabers

April 28, 2022 0 By Bryan

Chop Sabers. Have you ever eaten something so disgusting, so vile, so wretched that you just felt like stabbing your eyes out with chopsticks?  Now you can steal the high ground and make that food suffer before you eat it with these Chop Sabers.

Chop Sabers

Sometimes you have to do battle with your food before you eat it.  For example, that sushi that you brought home from lunch intending to eat for dinner.  You know it’s edible, barely, so you don’t quite want to throw it out, but you just can’t muster up the courage to eat it.  Sometimes you need the confidence that comes with having the most feared weapons in the galaxy at your command.

Can you really trust those dinosaur chicken nuggets?  Are you sure they aren’t plotting your demise while they’re cooking in the microwave?  Never can be too sure with them.  Sure they look safe enough, but they are located right next to those absolutely crazed smiley face chicken nuggets.  Think about that, what kind of crazy do you have to be in order to be happy being eaten.  I’d recommend using some force lightning on them just to make sure they know who’s boss.

Don’t even get me started on the treachery that is veggie based meat imitations.  It’s already lying to you, thinking it can fool you into believing it is what it isn’t.  If anything deserves to feel the heat from a lightsaber before it gets eaten it’s those things.

So whenever you are about to step into harm’s way in the kitchen be sure to take these with you.


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