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FLORIDA MAN ARRESTED SWALLOWING. A Florida man was arrested for stealing an engagement ring after an argument with the store owner. Dan Fold was trying to but the perfect ring for his girl. The store owner showed Dan the ring. He loved it and decided to buy it.

He asked the store owner to hold it for just fifteen minuets while he ran to the ATM to grab the cash. The store owner agreed, and Dan Left. While he was gone another man cam in and wanted to buy the same ring. The store owner told the man that it was on hold for another man that went to get the cash for it.

The man offered the store owner double what it was worth and lid the cash on the table. The store owner said if the guy did not return in 10 mins than the ring was his. So the man waited. A few mins later, Dan returned with the money.

Disappointed the man yelled at the shop keeper, and tried to offer Dan the money. Dan Refused. The angry man grabbed the ring and in one fail action swallowed it. He then placed the cash on the counter, and proceeded to walk out the door.

Dan tackles the guy and the store owner calls the cops over the ruckus. The cops showed up and even though the guy had left the money on the counter, it was decided it belonged to Dan. The guy was taken to the hospital and being that it was still in his stomach the doctors went in after it. Dan waited.

Now here we go

In the mean time the story had broke on local news, with the image of the ring being shown. After the procedure, Dan was able to leave with the ring. The guy was released later that same day after the shop owner decided not to press charges.

Three weeks later Dan and his girl are having dinner at a very nice and crowded restaurant. The moment is right and the time has come. He gives a nod to the waiter and he brings over 2 special glasses of bubbly. Sensing something is amiss as he begins to speak, she drinks it down in one gulp.

And the look of horror and surprise on Dan’s face was shocking. He told her what was in the glass, and off to the hospital they went. Because the ring had only been in there an hour doctors decided to sedate her and go fetch it. Again Dan waited.

With both of them in recovery, the doctor walked in and gave them the ring and said “Wow that is the second time this month I have removed this ring from a stomach” Then it hit her. She had seen the report of the guy willing to pay double, and even get arrested over the ring.

Needless to say, there would be no wedding between her and Dan. he was insensitive. He stopped the love of the FLORIDA MAN ARRESTED SWALLOWING for true love.


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