March 31, 2022 3 By Lacy Beaman

FLORIDA MAN GETS FOOT! Yes for many years she threatened to do it. To put her foot up his exit zone. Well she carried out that threat this past week. But she underestimated the impact she would have on his no go zone.

Betty Winfield was at home when the incident occurred. Her husband of 30 years had gotten on her last nerve. In a argument she threw the remote on the floor. Her husband got out of his chair, and bent over to get it. That is when Betty got up. Now knowing her husband would be taking his time due to back pain, she got ready.

With all the poise of a Florida Panthers kicker she lined up her foot and let him have it. There was so much force that her foot managed to break through the seam of his old boxer shorts and into the exit zone. She yelled “Touchdown” as her foot made contact. But she did not pull back in time.

After penetration her foot became lodged. Her husband whom has asked to not be named let out a scream so loud it caused the neighbors to come busting in. To their amazement there was Betty on the floor, Husband bent over, and foot stuck.

The neighbors called 911 and they went to the hospital. Though doctors there knew exactly how to remove the foot, they took the x-ray just for the laughs. An hour later Betty’s foot had made the exit from his exit zone.

Doctors commented that Betty ought to become a kicker for the local high school football team. FLORIDA MAN GETS FOOT in the exit zone gave his wife a new career.

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