March 23, 2022 0 By Lacy Beaman

FUNNY TOWN NAMES #2 goes to Bacon Level Alabama. Now no one knows how this town got it’s name. But I would like to think that people that settled the town had a love for bacon. And high levels of it. It could be that there were a high number of wild pigs living in the area.

Or perhaps it was the original location of a bacon stacking contest that reached high levels. But that part of the story may not be ever known. I would hope that if I ever visited there; I would find bacon at every turn. And I would be hoping for the long strips of flavor every Sunday morning. At the Bacon level Baptist Church.

I wonder if you get close to the town if the sounds of ‘sizzling’ can be herd from a distance? And can the smell be smelt from miles away? And does anyone who hates bacon actually live there? One thing id for certain, I don’t think vegans would like it in that town if any of the above questions turned out to be true.

And FUNNY TOWN NAMES #2 sounds delicious.


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