Glorping Jellyfish Lamp

Glorping Jellyfish Lamp. Does your office lack a certain ambience?  Do you find that your bedroom just isn’t hip enough for you to enjoy sleeping in?  Do you find it hard to fall asleep without mindlessly looking at creatures from the deep glorping around in a jar?

Then we have just the lamp for you!

Glorping Jellyfish Lamp

So it turns out our scientists like to go fishing in the middle of the night when they get drunk.  Deep sea fishing in fact.  What we didn’t know was the absolutely horrible things they do to sea creatures when they catch them.

Sure there is the regular catching the fish and holding it up for a picture and then throwing it back.  But these scientists almost have a grudge against some sea creatures.

We were pretty surprised when one scientist caught a jellyfish and then brought out this torture chamber for it.  After a lot of grunting and groaning the scientist finally got the jellyfish into the chamber and got the lid on.  You’d think that would have been the end of it right? Right?


My god, the squishing sounds were the worst part.  So much squishing.

In the end the scientist ended up with one of these lamps for his bedroom.  Turns out he has trouble sleeping if he isn’t looking at a jellyfish glorping around a tube.

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