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funny stories to make you laugh! Laugh your arse off at these satire articles, created from some of the sickest minds on the planet. We truly do not recommend that you read this section of the times. As it does not do anything to help you in any way. Shape form or fission. This site will rots your brain. and much like other things found on the web will do nothing for you.

though these stories are meant for pure entertainment value. There are some people out there that will take them seriously. They will forget to read at the top of the page that the site is satire, and not to be taken seriously.

There are also people out there that will re tell these stories as if they actually happened. To someone hey know though i highly doubt it! The world needs more laughter and we understand this.

This is why the site was created. to make you laugh and forget what is happening in real life. to forget that your boss might be a jerk, or that you got a speeding ticket. So sit back. Relax and know that you will laugh. You will have a smile on your face, and not a frown. You will enjoy yourself and not hate yourself. And at the end of the day, You will love yourself. Please remember to pass this on to your friends, and people you hate. This will help the world to go round faster. It will make it better overall. Up the will be the best.