March 22, 2022 2 By Lacy Beaman

LEFT MEDIA BEE ATTACK by twitter on the Bee. Yep, this time its twitter banning the Babylon Bee. For those not familiar with the Bee here you go. So the Babylon Bee is an upfront satire web publication. But because they are very Christian and conservative, they have been attacked before.

Facebook and other fact checkers like snops have also gone after the Bee. It is REALARIOUS that fact checkers would go after a well known satire site. It could be seen as a hate crime by them. The only reason to go after and fact check a known satire publication? You hate their Christian conservatives’ values.

This time its over the Bee naming Rachel Levine “Man of the year”. And most likely they did this because USA TODAY named her “Woman of the year” despite being born a man. Twitter locked out the account and stated that it would be lifted in 12 hours, but only after the post is deleted.

Of course Seth Dillon CEO of the Bee is standing his ground and not taking it down. Twitter defends it’s actions by saying that it was “Hate Speech” But I don’t see it that way. First and foremost it is a satire site that pokes fun at anyone and anything. There is no hate there, just things to make you laugh.

But the LEFT MEDIA BEE ATTACK will probably never end.


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