April 20, 2022 0 By Lacy Beaman

LOOK AT YOUR BUTT. that is what the husband said to his wife. Well there is a not so intelligent person born every day. And this guy was one of them. The next morning the man woke up, reached for his glasses and could not find them. He dragged his reportedly 385lb but out of the bed and wandered around looking for them.

He eventually gives up and goes in to the kitchen where his wife was cooking breakfast. Then inquired about his glasses, and she claimed to have no idea. He ate, and then sat down to watch the game. About 20 mins later he had the feeling that he needed to go. He tried., And he could not go, And there was a lot of pain. The decision was made to go to the hospital. Which his wife was eager to do.

They arrived, chief complaint was made, and x rays were taken. When the doctor entered the room he placed the x rays on the board and said ” I think i found the problem”. The husband could not see it without getting up and moving closer. It was then that he realized it. The wife said ” Look honey there are your glasses.”. The husband replied “what are they doing up there?!” And without batting an eyelash, the wife replied “They are looking at your ass instead of mine”. And then she walked out of the room.

At that point it became clear to the Doc how they got there. He asked the husband ” did you say LOOK AT YOUR BUTT?” The husband hung his head and said yes.

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