Mutated 51 dog found!

Mutated 51 dog found!

March 13, 2022 0 By Lacy Beaman
Mutated 51 dog found!
Mutated dog part blood hound and part weenie dog

This Mutated 51 dog has been found! The dog was a part of a radiation experiment at the infamous area 51. According to witnesses; The lab in question placed a Golden Retriever and a basset hound in a cage. And bombarded them with radiation while they fought.

This is the end result. Witnesses say that the radiation made the 2 dogs form together as they were locked in a death grip and blood was flying everywhere.

The dogs owner said the dog was missing for about 2 weeks before being found held in a pen at a Korean restaurant. Mutated 51 dog found his owners at a local event. The man; who has requested to not be identified; sated he was happy to have him back.

The dog should have been destroyed years ago. He was able to sneak him out of the facility.

He has managed o hide the dog for years. But because his nephew was visiting, left the gate open, and he escaped. The man was devastated. And He did not sleep well wondering if the officials would find the dog. What would happen to him and his family. “I thought we would be killed over sneaking him out.” Because of this incident, he has re enforced the gate to spring close quickly.


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