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Sucked up egg is a bad thing. A man in Florida tried to takeover as mother for what he thought was one of his chicken eggs. It all started after his hen laid an egg and died shortly after. Herbert decided to cover up the egg with mulch, but it didn’t seem to be staying warm. He decided that it might be best to move the nest into the house. That didn’t seem to work either. After reading that the egg would hatch best if it was being sat on, he decided to give it a try.

Bad Idea, very bad

After a full day, he noticed that the temperature was not going up. He went for the next best thing. He took off all of his clothes, and sat on it. after a few hours he noticed the temperature did come up. he thought OMG! iv’e done it.

Sitting on the egg for an hour and getting off of it for an hour seemed to work best. After 2 days of this the sand man started chasing him down. Finally on the third day, the sand man caught up with him, and he fell fast asleep.

As his body relaxed, his rear end came closer and closer to the egg, and eventually totally surrounded it. When he awoke and stood up to check on the egg it was gone. As he moved around he knew where it went.

In a panic and not wanting to go to the hospital, he tried to remove it himself. First with the salad tongs, and then with a wooden spoon. After those failed attempts, he decided to lay flat on the table and pretend he was in labor. He pushed and squeezed. He tried breathing fast, but nothing worked.

Finally ending up at the hospital, he came clean with the doctors as to what happened. They gave him a high dose laxative, and several hours later it shot out. Across the room it went, Hit the wall and BAM! out popped a baby gator!.

Turns out a gator laid the egg in the nest before eating the chicken. This was a bad Sucked up Egg.

sucked up egg bad idea, very bad

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