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TOUCHE KID GROUNDS MOM, for her mistake since he got grounded for his. Over the weekend a kid got the ultimate revenge on his mom. This all started when the kid came home from school late on Thursday. He had taken a different way home that turned out to be longer.

So on Friday Being in a hurry the mom forgot to cut the crust off his sandwich. So the kid decided that he would ground her for her mistake. When he got home while his mom was cooking dinner, he took the only house key off her keyring. And swallowed it,

When he and his mom left Saturday morning to go shopping she grabbed her keys, twisted the lock on the knob shut the door and left. After a few hours they returned home and that is when his mother saw the key was missing.

At first she could not figure it out. But when the boy started laughing at her frustration at not being able to find it she got mad. She ran around the house checking all the windows and back door. All locked. The kid laughed harder.

She let out a scream in frustration, and the kid said “Mom your grounded.” Mom looked at the kid and said “Boy what did you do?” The kid replied “You made a mistake Friday, you did not cut the crust off of my bread, so I grounded you from the house.” His mom began to let out some very loud expletive’s.

When she paused to catch her breath the kid continued “Mom you grounded me in the house for a mistake. so I took a lesson from you.” The mom pondering the irony, and the anger building she grabbed up the kid and put him into the car, and went to the hospital. Part 2 next week.

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