March 10, 2022 1 By Lacy Beaman

“The cow got Revenge!”

by Johnny Fingers Johnson
The Result of not killing your dinner

We know that “redneckery” is a thing in the south. A Florida man moved to Alabama last year to become a cow farmer. Just this past week, Arnold decided to harvest one of his cows. He took the cow to the barn where he had his 308 rifle waiting. When he picked up the rifle, it misfired and the cow realizing it was in danger, busted out the doors, and took off.

Arnold then decided that it was best to get into his car, and chase after the cow, who was now headed down the driveway and onto a local road. He stated that he parked on the side of the road after loosing site of the cow for a moment. The cow came out of the woods, rammed the ass end of the car, exploding the gas tank. Arnold barely got out with his life. the cow snorted at him and then left the scene unsatisifed that he did not get to have BBQ either


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