March 21, 2022 0 By Lacy Beaman

After 31 years Maury is set to retire, after sources say that Maury is the father. Turns out that some of the guests were there because of him. They desperately wanted to hear “I am the father’ and not the one that Maury called out.

One woman said that if he would take the test it would how him as being the father. She was asked if she had sex with him. And she said no. But she insists that after 30 men not being the father it must be him. She insists that it is possible because she dreamed of him every night.

“I dreamed of having sex with him every night. One year later i was pregnant,” Sources say that he refuses to take the DNA test and as a result the studio is forcing him to retire. The studio also does not want the bad press that would come from this.

Maury has refused to return my calls for comment. The woman on the other hand has talked and elaborated on the whole thing. She says if the virgin Mary could conceive without touching a man, then so could she.

There are reports of spontaneous pregnancy’s happening, but none of them dream related. According to a few doctors out there, it is possible if a woman wanted it bad enough. if this turns out to be true, then MAURY YOU ARE THE FATHER!


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