Toasty Pillows

Toasty Pillows

May 6, 2022 0 By Bryan

Toasty Pillows. Do you find that the pillows in your life lack a certain character to them?  Are they bland and univiting?  Do they not show enough personality?  Do your regular, boring pillows simply not make you hungry enough to really enjoy your day?

Then you need some toasty pillows!

Toasty Pillows

Our plentifully plushie pillows are perfectly designed to perforate the protests and pulverize the frown of even the most perturbed person.  Designed to help spread the gospel of toast, these pillows will accent any room in your house and look good on any piece of furniture.

And, we are a bit worried about the mental state of these pillows.  We aren’t sure where the piece of toast got a knife and a pat of butter; And at this point we’re too scared to take them away from him.  We tried once, But the intern just came back into the office after twenty minutes; And curled up into a ball.  We couldn’t get a word out of him for almost an hour.  Once his shift was over, we never saw him again.

These Toasty Pillows really pack a punch, so use with caution.

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